What is Bladder Cancer?
It is the extra build up of cells in the bladder.
Where is it located?
It is located in the bladder.
Who is at risk?
Anybody can be at risk for bladder cancer. But if you smoke or use tobacco you are at a higher risk.
external image bladder-cancer-symptoms.jpg
How is it diagnosed?
It can be detected via x-ray.
Are there any stages?
There are no stages
What are the signs?
If it shows up on a X-ray.
external image M134849-Bladder_cancer,_X-ray-SPL.jpg?id=771340849
How can I prevent it?
Don't smoke or use tobacco.
How can it be treated?
You can under go surgery to remove it.
Include any other interesting facts.
Smoking makes you 3x as likely to get bladder cancer.