Questions to Answer:

a. what is brain cancer?
-Brain cancer is when you have a mass of abnormal cells develop starting in the brain. (Otherwise known as brain tumors)

b. Where is it located?
-Brain tumors are located in the brain; specifically they can begin in the brain cells, nerves or glands in the brain, or even in the membranes around the brain (meninges)
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c. Who is at risk?
-People who have gone through radiation therapy-which is used to treat brain cancers, this can increase your risk of getting brains tumors for up to 30 years afterwards
-people exposed to radiation at work or to power lines
-head injures
-inherited conditions
-including neurofibromatosis
-Von Hippel-Lindau syndrome
-Li-Fraumeni syndrome
-Turcot syndrome
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d. How is it diagnosed?
-Dependant upon the size of the tumor; type of tissue involved; whether they are benign or malignant, and some other factors
e. Are there any stages?

-There are not really any stages to brain cancer
f. What are the signs?
-increased pressure on head, headaches, seizures, weakness in parts of body, changes in mental functions
g. How can it be treated?

-Surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy depend upon size of tumor
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