a. What is kidney cancer?

Kidney cancer is a cancer that starts in the kidneys, it is also called renal carcinoma.

b. Where is it located?

It is located in the kidney.

c. Who is at risk?

People over the age of 45 are most at risk for kidney cancer. But it mostly occurs in people aging 55 to 84.

d. How is it diagnosed?

It is often diagnosed at a late stage because the tumors can become larger without causing any symptoms or pain. There usually aren’t many symptoms at the beginning or kidney cancer.

e. Are there any stages? If so, explain them.

In stage I, the tumor is 7 centimeters or smaller and is found only in the kidney. In stage II, the tumor is larger than 7 centimeters and only found in the kidney. In In stage IV, cancer has spread beyond the layer of fatty tissue around the kidney and may be found in the adrenal gland above the kidney with cancer, or in nearby lymph nodes or to other organs, such as the lungs, liver, bones, or brain, and may have spread to lymph nodes

f. How can I prevent it?

Quit smoking, eat more fruits and vegetables, maintain a healthy weight, control a high blood pressure, and reduce or avoid exposure to environmental toxins.

g. How can it be treated?

Kidney cancer can be treated by surgery, tumor ablation, embolization, immunotherapy, surveillance, or clinical trials.

h. Include any other interesting facts.

The most common kidney cancer is renal cell carcinoma.

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