Practice adding different types of content to this page.

TEXT: write at least 2 sentences describing how you think wiki's will be useful.

  1. Choose "Edit" on the page and start typing
  2. Click "Save" in upper right hand corner

IMAGES: upload and image, preferably a "thumbnail" or small image. another option is to resize the image.

  1. Use this site: wikicommons to search for an image
  2. Once you find an image come back to this page and "Edit" page
  3. click on "File"
  4. "Upload" a file means that the image is on your computer and you want to present it on the site or,
  5. "External Image" means you can put the url (usually a then "Load it"
  6. Once it is on the page you can resize it by clicking on the image

external image Mitosis-fluorescent.jpg

HYPERLINK: choose a website, then add a hyperlink to it

  1. While in "Edit" mode you are going to type one word
  2. Highlight your word
  3. Click "Link" on the top toolbar
  4. Choose "External Link" and paste the link there (usually a
  5. Check the box for "New Window"
  6. Click "Add Link"