SKIN CANCER: external image Kaposi%27s_Sarcoma.jpg
What is skin cancer?
It is an uncontrolling growth of abnormal skin cells.
Where is it located?
It can be found anywhere and if left unwatched it can spread to other tissues or organs.
Who is at risk?
Anyone can develope skin cancer but it is more often than not found in people with light-colored skin, hair, and eyes. Genetics can be a factor as well as the amount of exposure to the sun rays.

How is it diagnosed?
Most of the time it is the out ward look of people.
Are there any stages? If so, explain them.
There are no true stages. It can just get worse.
What are the signs?
The unhealing of cracked, bleeding skin. Skin looking different form other parts. Irregular boarders that very in different colors.
How can I prevent it?
Protect your skin from the sun with the right clothing and sun screen. Staying out of the sun from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. is a good way to prevents skin cancer.
How can it be treated?
Most skin cancers require surgical removal.
Include any other interesting facts.
My mom was diagnosed with skin cancer when she was in her 20's and she is now in her 50's, so I know that you can never really get rid of skin cancer. She goes to the Derementaligests once every year because she still has residue that just has to be watched.