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Questions to Answer
a. What is cervical cancer?-Cervical Cancer is the most common cancer found in women, that is 100% treatable.
b. Where is it located?- It is located in the Cervix, the lower part of the uterus that opens at the top of the vagina.
c. Who is at risk?- Women are the most at risk for Cervical cancer due to the fact of the paps-meres
d. How is it diagnosed?-Cervical cancer is diagnosed when it reaches its most advanced stage, and when you go and get a pap smear.
e. Are there any stages? If so, explain them.- In stage 1, the cancer is only formed in the cervix but is split into two stages due to the amount of cancer that is found. Stage 2, the cancer has spread beyond the cervix, but not to the pelvic wall, or to the lower part of the vagina. Stage 3, the cancer has spread to the lower part of the vagina, it may have spread to the pelvic wall, and has caused the kidney to stop working, stage 3 may be divided into three more stages depending on how far the cancer spread. Stage 4, which is the final stage in which, the cancer spread to the bladder, rectum
f. What are the signs?
g. How can I prevent it?
h. How can it be treated?
i. Include any other interesting facts.
Include pictures/drawings/diagrams.